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Information on Printing Selections

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Steps to printing documentation

  1. To print entire documentation, go into "File" on your web browser and choose the print option while you have the entire documentation available to you on the screen.
  2. In order to print only part of documentation, simply choose selection from the Table of Contents and print the chosen selection.

**Please Note: Should you want to print only a selection of a document that may not be on its own, you must highlight what you would like to print, then select "File" then "Print". You will see here a choice of "All", "Pages from _ to _", and "Selection". Choose "Selection" and then click okay **

Helpful Hints

  • The back button on your web browser can be used at any time to return to previous page from any "printout" page.
  • Adjustments may need to be made to the margins in order to ensure a satisfactory result. It may be useful to try printing a short selection to ensure a desired printout. These adjustments can be made by going into "File" on your web browser and then choosing the "Page Setup" option. From this point, margins should be able to be easily adjusted to your satisfaction.
  • Ensure that the paper type is "Letter" or that the measurements equal 8 1/2 x 11 inches and is the "Portrait" option in order to acheive a regular page sized printout ("Landscape" option will print across paper in the other direction if you would prefer). These are normally available in the "Properties" section of your print dialog box, and are also available in the "Page Setup" option under "File".
  • The internet address will be printed as a header or footer if not adjusted. If you would like to avoid having the address, page numbers, or date printed with your selection, simple go to "Page Setup" under "File" in your web browser and make sure all options for headers or footers are blank.
  • Different printers have different properties and options from one another, so it is always a good idea to be clear on what needs to be adjusted on your printer to ensure clear printouts as well.