Accounts Payable
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The Accounts Payable system was designed to support many business environments. It provides the tools to manage outstanding payables and to improve cash flow. Integration with other applications will improve reporting while minimizing data entry. Features of the AERIS/400 Accounts Payable System include:
  • On line entry of invoices, adjustments, and credit notes.
    • Distribution of invoices to any number of accounts.
    • Brief Distribution codes for quick entry.
    • Generation of General Ledger transactions.
    • Full GST support
  • Automatic calculation of Due Dates from the Supplier and Invoice Type
  • Payments preparation is batched for better cash management.
  • Payment selection by Supplier, Due Date, Invoice Date, or specific invoice.
  • Partial Payments are supported.
  • Payment on Account is supported.
  • Cheque processing includes:
    • Automatic Cheque printing
    • A choice of several custom formats.
    • Manual cheques processing
    • EDI Payment Interface
  • Cheque Reconciliation included.
  • EDI Payment Advices processed
  • Cheque reversals are supported.
  • Open Item Accounting.
  • On line Inquiry of the Invoice History.
  • Complete history kept until you decide to unload it.
  • Full set of management and audit reports.
  • Reports are sequenced by either Supplier Name or Number.
  • WCB reporting for subcontractors.
  • Phone lists for each Supplier
  • Mailing labels in several formats.
  • Interface to the General Ledger allows activity in overlapping periods.
  • Multi-company and multi-divisional operation
  • Exchange processing for multiple foreign currencies
  • Year 2000 compliant
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