Canadian Payroll
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The Payroll System provides the capability to perform all the functions required by standard Canadian payrolls. Features of the AERIS/400 Canadian Payroll include:
  • Many ways to post time and wages.
  • Accepts time and earnings from Job Cost and other applications.
  • Automatic calculation of standard government deductions.
  • Many options for automatically calculating other deductions, like health care.
  • Link to other preprogrammed deductions.
  • Fully automated production of the Record of Employment.
  • T4 data retained in detail for year end reporting.
  • Taxable benefits are distributed automatically.
  • Several independent payrolls can be run on the same computer.
  • The user updates all tables and masters without programmer intervention.
  • AS/400 F4=List function is widely used for finding codes.
  • Deductions can be defined at the department, pay period, or employee levels.
  • Employee and employer contributions and taxable benefits can be predefined.
  • Rate codes and deductions can be generally defined, or specific to an employee.
  • Calculations can be overridden on a one-time basis.
  • Time banking for vacation, sick leave, and other purposes.
  • Full audit trail of all changes to year-to-date totals.
  • A variety of employee list formats and sequences,
  • Basic Human Resources data management.
  • Employees are grouped by Department.
  • Several standard cheque formats are available.
  • EDI Payment Interface included.
  • Prompts for backups at key operating points, like pay period closing.
  • Cheque Reconciliation is a built-in subsystem.
  • EDI Payment Advices processed in Reconciliation.
  • Optional Run Control to monitor progress through payroll preparation.
  • Year-end Close does not affect the first payrolls of the new year.
  • Year 2000 Compliant
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