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Restoring an AERIS/400 database

All AERIS/400 applications use the same procedure for backup. At key times in the processing a backup is recommended. You can proceed with this backup, or you can start a backup from the operator menu (OPRTR). If the backup is done to tape all the company database libraries used by the application are included in the backup. Otherwise only the specific application company database library is backed up. This may raise some concerns, especially if the restore is not from a current backup.

NOTE: Restoring databases is a serious action. It should only be done with management approval. It should not be used to correct simple input errors.

This procedure is for restoring only the specific application company database library. It is the first, or only, library in the list of saved libraries. This is the most common form of Restore used. The Restore function is only available to the Application Manager on the MANAGE menu.
  1. Go to the MANAGE menu.
  2. Select option 11 to Restore the application database.
  3. Select the type of backup from which to do the restore. e.g. Tape.
  4. Name the source from which to do the restore - Volume Id for tape, Save File name for disk.

To do more complex restores involving multiple application databases, and/or multiple companies requires in depth knowledge of the database environment and some knowledge of OS/400 Command Language Programming.