Select a Code from a List

Lists in AERIS applications follow a common format. The Select field is adjacent to the field that defines the list sequence. This is usually at or near the left side. The Select code is a one character field that can define what is to be done with the entry selected. The codes that define actions are listed above the Select column. Action codes can be applied to more than one entry per pass. Any non-blank character that is not listed will select that entry and return to the calling program. Only one selection is done at a time.

The standard Select codes are:

DDisplay the selected entry in detail.
UUpdate the selected entry.
YSelect this entry. Any other non-blank code that is not specifically defined for the list will act the same way.

Other Select codes are conventionally used thus:

HList the history of transactions for this entry. In cases where more than one series of transactions are available, "H" is used for the most commonly used history.
IList the invoices for this entry.
JList the Journals for this entry.
LPrint a Label for this entry.
RReassign this entry to change its position in the basic sequence. This function is usually reserved to management.