A E Rose Information Service Ltd. There is time to do it right.

A E Rose Information Service Ltd. is a personal services company assisting medium and small businesses to get full value from their investment in computers. We provide package, modular, and custom software together with programming, analysis, design, and consulting services necessary to implement a working solution. We now offer our customers website design and support as we continually strive to meet all of our customers' small business needs.
Whether your business is Construction, Printing, Medical, Custom Manufacturing, or Service Related, we have installed a solution that can enhance your operation. A E Rose Information Service has the answers for improving your performance and reducing your costs.

Keeps Getting Better
Our approach allows you to start with an initial set of applications then add other applications as your staff expertise level increases and you are ready to implement additional modules.
Because A E Rose Information Service is an IBM Partner in Development we understand the computer performance characteristics of IBM's computers and can assist you in selecting the appropriate hardware to support your needs. By having access to IBM resources we deliver not just the hardware and software that you need, but the financing, training, installation support, and ongoing service that will keep your system operating and your business productive and competitive.
Efficient Computer Systems
Great Service

A E Rose wants to form a long term business relationship with your company. We work with you to provide on going solutions that continue to meet your corporate goals for enhanced profitability, improved service, increased growth, and the pursuit of new business opportunities.