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Many systems, particularly in accounting, operate on the principle of first assembling and editing transactions in batches before applying them to the permanent records. Initially it was adequate to simply attach a batch number to the transactions in the assembly file and let the individual clerk control balancing and posting of batches. This control becomes difficult to handle when either:

  1. more than one person is involved in inputting transactions,
  2. one individual handles input to several terms
  3. large numbers of batches are involved, or
  4. batches are entered over a long period.

The Batch Control system is designed to simplify the control of batches. The Batch Control system can be employed in any situation where a four-character batch control code is used. In it's basic form, the Batch Control system provides the following capabilities:

  1. separate batch control sets for each situation
  2. batch registration before use
  3. batch validation before entry
  4. validation and logging of batch balances
  5. validation and logging of batch postings
  6. validation and logging of batch purges

These facilities are all provided through programs and procedures in the Utility Library.

Provision has been made on the Batch Control records to carry control totals and specialized control data. These would be supported by the applications that use them.


A menu that provides access to the standard batch control functions from any application


Before transactions can be entered into the system, a batch must be prepared for them. This is done as follows:

  1. Select the option to prepare a batch.
  2. Enter the batch number desired. If it exists, the present status of the batch is shown. If it is a new batch, it is shown with default values
  3. Enter the basic description of the batch. You may also wish to add or change the comment about the batch.
    • This may be repeated for several batches
  4. After the last batchhas been prepared you may return to the menu.

Batch List

Batch Lists are done by a single program. When the program begins, it displays the first 15 batches. If there are more than 15 batches, the list can be reviewed using the Enter key to reset the start of page.

Print Batch Register

To print a copy of the batch register:

Remove All Purged Batches

The purge is done from the job queue.

Batch Select

Batch selection is done by a single program. When a valid batch is selected, the batch ID is placed in the LDA and the program goes to a normal end of job. An invalid batch causes a retry.

The batch select does a conditional select basedon the batch status and the value provided in parameter 1. The selection is considered valid if the batch status is less than parameter 1. Statii that have defined usages are:

A - being assembled
L - balanced
P - posted
Z - purged

Batch Posting

Posting uses two funtions - batch selection and post recording. In between are all the application posting function. The batch number slected is carried in the LDA. The LDA status code must remain unchanged if the batch is to be recorded as posted.

The application batch posting procedure can be run in the job queue after interactive selection.

Batch Purge

Purging uses two functions - batch selection and purge recording. In between are all the application purge functions. The batch number selected is carried by the LDA. The LDA status code must remain unchanged if the batch is to be recorded as purged.

The application batch purging procedure can be run in the job queue after interactive selection.