A E Rose Information Service Ltd. - History There is time to do it right.
A E Rose Information Service Ltd. has been supporting and developing high quality AS/400 software in Canada for 20 successful years.

Highlights of Our History

June 2002 The first use of IBM's Websphere for development of the user interfaces for applications.

January 2001 The new workstations are NetVista "Legacy Free" personal computers.

March 2000 Our first intranet web site.

June 1999 AERose.com joined the internet.

October 1988 First AS/400 delivered in the province of Alberta.

August 1983 A E Rose Information Service Ltd. began helping our customers to get results from this exciting technology.

Important Dates in Computer History

circa 3000 B.C. The first computing device, the abacus was invented. Consisted of beads on strings. Was a success among early mathematicians.

1953 IBM introduces its first commercial computer, the IBM 701

1961 IBM 1401 was introduced. "Model T" - small business oriented machine with 4KB of RAM.

1964 The first scientific "supercomputer" was designed by Cray - the Control Data Corp 6600.

1964 IBM 360was introduced. This was based on Integrated Circuits. Product Line designed as a "family": All used same Assembly Language.