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AERIS/400 Applications

A E Rose Information Service has developed a wide variety of applications to address the management needs of a wide range of companies. The AERIS/400 suite of applications is our most popular series of accounting programs.

General Ledger

A simple but powerful General Ledger that includes flexible financial statements and budget support.
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Accounts Payable

Interactive Invoice Entry to a complete history of all invoices, payments and adjustments. Also includes Direct Deposit payment and Cheque Reconciliation.
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Accounts Receivable

Single invoice entry. Retains a complete history of all invoices, payments and adjustments.
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Canadian Payroll

A full function payroll for small to medium Canadian companies. It keeps complete detail histories of earnings and deductions. It produces T4s and Record of Employment. It supports direct deposits for net pay and for deductions like RRSPs.
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A basic inventory application designed to support parts usage in the equipment maintenance shop. It includes support for multiple warehouses.
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Job Cost

One-time simultaneous entry of all costs and billing data. Equipment usage is tracked as well. Integrated support for subcontractor billing and payment. First implemented in the heavy construction industry.
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Simple but effective invoicing for many types of business. Integrated with Accounts Receivable and General Ledger for follow up. Includes EDI support.

Address Services

One address database for all applications. Integrated with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Invoicing, Payroll, and Job Cost.


Standard functions used by all applications, like Batch Controls, date selections, and job submissions.

Revised November 12, 2001